The strength of a company comes from its people. At Slice of Life Foods we celebrate the talent and work ethic provided each day by our incredible staff. Each department within our manufacturing facility brings a sense of pride to its job, and each employee within our manufacturing departments knows he or she is a part not only of a team but also of our working family.   

Ian Kessler - Co-Founder & CFO

Ian spent fifteen years practicing law with a large international law firm and then turned his sights to entrepreneurship. Ian’s initial business venture, an action sports footwear brand for which he was the co-founder, grew to $50 million in annual revenue before being successfully sold to a large strategic buyer in 2011. In 2012 Ian became involved in the beef industry. Ian’s involvement in the beef industry led him in 2016 to become a co-founder and the CFO of Slice of Life Foods..

David Kennedy - CEO

David has over 30 years of food manufacturing operations experience before coming to Slice of Life. He is the former VP of Operations for Pearson's Candy, Former Director of Operations for Holiday Companies, and spent 16 years with Conagra including a final position as Operations Business Manager. In these positions, he was responsible for multiple large scale manufacturing and co-packing facilities and logistics warehouses.

Dave Williams - Co-Founder

Dave spent a career with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department where he ascended to the rank of Assistant Sheriff. As the Assistant Sheriff, Dave was responsible for overseeing thousands of officers, and for the management of millions of dollars in budgets. Dave retired from the Sheriff’s Department to join Slice of Life Foods as a co-owner.

Jae Boyd - Co-Founder

Jae comes from a family of artisans skilled in the craft of making jerky. Before turning to making jerky as a full time occupation, Jae had a long career managing a manufacturing facility. Once he began making jerky, Jae brought innovation not only to the flavors and protein used in making jerky, but also with respect to the equipment and techniques used in the jerky making process. Jae’s manufacturing insights and his meticulous attention to detail have resulted in the custom design of much of the equipment and processes used in Slice of Life Foods’ state of the art manufacturing facility.