Decades ago, jerky was considered a very niche food. Consigned to truck stops and gas stations, no one could have imagined the behemoth that the jerky industry would become. Now jerky can be found anywhere that sells great snacks. Today, gyms, health food stores, supermarkets and nearly every other type of store sell some type of jerky. With such a massive new demographic of jerky lovers, new trends and products have been created. It is always the goal of Slice of Life Foods, not only to explore these new trends, but to pioneer the possibilities they have unveiled.


The paleo diet requires participants to eat foods that were largely available to humans during the Paleolithic era, prior to the highly processed foods of today. Jerky lends itself amazingly well to the needs of the paleo diet and we have created many recipes that allow people to maintain the paleo friendly nutrition and still enjoy amazing meat snacks. 


The ketogenic diet calls for low carbohydrate and high protein. Our food scientists have worked with fitness experts to develop special flavors and recipes that fit perfectly with this diet plan build to allow the body to burn fat, rather than carbohydrates.


It’s a favorite pastime at our office to watch people try bacon jerky for the first time. Without exception, their faces light up and a huge grin widens as they go in for another bite. Usually the first thing they say is “Wow!” As incredible as it seems, this snack actually IMPROVES on the already amazing taste of bacon!

CHIPS (Thin & Crispy)

A new product that has only recently become popular is the jerky “chip.” These thin sliced pieces of meat are crisp like a potato chip and easy to chew since they are so thin. Slice of Life is at the forefront of this industry, establishing never-before-used methods to create a product that has all the amazing flavor of traditional jerky, but all the snackable, crispy goodness of a chip.


For years, poultry has been a staple of the jerky world. Generally, the standard fare for poultry is a turkey jerky. While we offer a traditional turkey version, we also produce buffalo wing style and honey barbecue chicken jerky.


Another milestone in the evolution of jerky has been the creation of pepperoni jerky. Beginning as a tasty snack we made at family barbecues, pepperoni jerky has become a massive addition to the pantheon of meat snack offered by Slice of Life. Our propriety methods of making this pizza style jerky is revolutionary and our in-house brand of Pizzos Pepperoni Jerky has received rave reviews from across the country.


Bison, Elk, Venison, Eland, Ostrich… there are no limits to the different meats that can be made into unique and exotic treats. Our process has been used to perfect these more unusual jerky snacks and we have partnered with several ranches that raise the livestock, thereby insuring only the highest quality meat is used.


Our master chefs love a good challenge. Often, throughout the year, Slice of Life will offer limited edition special release products, geared towards events or holidays. We have make jerky to celebrate concerts, television shows, and just recently we developed a Pumpkin Spiced Bacon Jerky for the Fall of 2019.